Training at University of Montenegro, 3rd SC meeting and 3rd PMC meeting were held on 23-25.04.2024

The fifth training for teaching staff related to the teaching methods and best practices related to transport of dangerous goods (TDG) was held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro. The main topics of the training were:

– TDG as an intersection of disciplines and the importance of cooperation in solving the competence labyrinth.

– Transport of liquid oil derivatives in Montenegro.

– Discussion with stakeholder representatives.

– Experiences in transporting dangerous materials at Lukana doo.

– Development of a risk assessment model in the transportation of dangerous goods using ALOHA and GIS software tools.

– Procedure for checking TDG vehicle in line with ADR.

– Visit to vehicle testing laboratory and laboratory for vehicle diagnostics.

– Handbooks content, training programs and teaching staff selected at WB as trainees brief presentation.

During the training, the third Steering Committee (SC) and the third Project Management Committee (PMC) was held.