No. Deliverable Due date Status
WP1: Project management
D1.1 Partnership agreement prepared and signed 31-05-2023 completed
D1.2 Project management plan created and adopted 31-03-2023 completed
D1.3 Reports on meetings 30-11-2025 in progress
D1.4 Tools for management 30-11-2025 in progress
WP2: Introduction with key issues for TDG in WBC and PC
D2.1 Reports on analyses key issues related to TDG 31-03-2023 completed
D2.2 Lists of Equipment created 31-03-2023 completed
D2.3 Report on analyses Existing Curricula Related to TDG 30-04-2023 completed
D2.4 Report on TDG innovative practices in PC 31-05-2023 completed
WP3: Development of TDG Curricula and Laboratories
D3.1 Catalogue of competences created 31-10-2023 completed
D3.2 TDG laboratories established 29-02-2024 completed
D3.3 Catalogue of courses created 29-02-2024 completed
D3.4 Teaching staff trained – Report 1 30-06-2023 completed
Teaching staff trained – Report 2 31-10-2023 completed
Teaching staff trained – Report 3 31-12-2023 completed
Teaching staff trained – Report 4 31-03-2024 completed
Teaching staff trained – Report 5 31-05-2024 completed
Teaching staff trained – Report 6 31-07-2024 completed
D3.5 Undergraduate/master curricula developed 31-10-2024 in progress
WP4: Development of trainings for TDG professionals
D4.1 Reports on survey for TDG stakeholders 30-11-2023 completed
D4.2 Reports on trainings for TGD professionals in PC 30-11-2023 completed
D4.3 Training materials created 31-05-2024 completed
WP5: Implementation of TDG Curricula and Trainings
D5.1 Students enrolled 31-10-2024 in progress
D5.2 TDG professionals trained 31-05-2025 not started
D5.3 Student internships implemented 31-07-2025 not started
D5.4 Undergraduate/Master Curricula Implemented 30-11-2025 not started
WP6: Quality Assurance and Monitoring
D6.1 Quality Assurance Plan created 30-04-2023 completed
D6.2 Report on the Inter-project coaching meeting 31-03-2024 completed
D6.3 Internal Quality Assurance report 1 30-11-2023 completed
Internal Quality Assurance report 2 30-11-2024 not started
Internal Quality Assurance report 3 30-11-2025 not started
D6.4 Reports on external evaluation 30-11-2025 not started
WP7: Dissemination and Exploitation
D7.1 Dissemination and exploitation plan and Sustainability plans created 30-04-2023 completed
D7.2 Project website and promotional material created 30-11-2025 in progress
D7.3 Reports on Promotional events 31-10-2025 in progress