Training at Technical University of Crete and 1st QAC meeting were held on 06-08 June 2023

The first training for teaching staff related to the teaching methods and best practices related to transport of dangerous goods (TDG) was held at Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece. The main topics of the training were:

– Research projects on industrial risk management,

– A national Ιnspection e-Τool for conducting roadside ADR checks of vehicles carrying dangerous substances: the case of the PROTEAS ADR Control,

– Chemicals Regulations enforcement & inspections – Building authority capacity for REACH/CLP and SEVESO III compliance: A REACH inspection etool by project “LIFE CHEREE”,
– Practice of TDG in Greece,

– Training for modern mechatronic systems,

– Training of persons involved in the carriage of Dangerous Goods by road,

– Development of catalogue of competencies and catalogue of courses and syllabi.

During the training, the first Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) meeting was held.